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Rrok and Flo

Flo & Rrok

The proud owners of Château 49, Florianne and Rrok, have each worked in the hospitality scene of Midtown East for over ten years.  Florianne, a sweet yet fiesty native of the Alsace region of France, has managed multiple French and Italian restaurants in the area. Rrok, a charismatic native of Albania, is best known as a popular bartender in Midtown East and the Hamptons. The two worked across the street from one another, and finally met one evening years ago. They talked a little bit… and the rest was, as they say, history. 🙂

During their years of experience, Flo and Rrok have built amazing bonds with the loyal neighborhood clientèle. The opportunity finally arose to fulfill a lifelong dream of theirs: to open a restaurant in New York City.  They seized the opportunity without hesitation in 2018.

With their love for the area, their combined experience, and their adoration of outstanding wine and French cuisine, they poured their hearts and souls into the space. And voilà: Château 49!

Château 49 is a cozy place where you and your friends can feel like you’re at home. The atmosphere is sophisticated yet unpretentious.  It’s perfect for any occasion, from having a few drinks after work to enjoying an intimate gathering.  We invite you to come in, relax, and enjoy our carefully-curated wine selection and authentic French cuisine. We pride ourselves in offering unmatched hospitality, and we can’t wait to meet you. Bienvenue and i mirepritur!